Kruger Signature Monkeyfists

Kruger Signature Monkeyfists

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This is the perfect companion for your carkeys. Custom made to your style. A steel ball bearing wrapped as a monkey fist with a four strand weave terminating in a snakeknot handle and a snap shackle or carabiner. The total length is about 30 cm to give a good swing to it all when used for self-def. True craftmanship and utility.

Default version can be done in single or double color and has a one inch steel ball, steel or brass beads and a Swedish snap shackle or carabiner. Please contact me for choices 

The Royal A-kicker, the Graverobber, the Kabuki and other temporary exclusives are maxed out custom made style with 1.5 inch steel ball, massive original beads and swivel snap shackle and extra cordwork. Please note that each one of these pieces are a work of art, and the final version of one is never exactly the same as the last one. Knotwork and smaller decorative beads might vary.

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