Hanks and Pouches

Hanks is an essential part of every complete every day carry. Use is as a backdrop for those special social media posts. Use it to clean your knife or glasses. Use it as a classic pocketsquare in the breast pocket of your suit. Use it to hitch-hike around the galaxy. The uses of a good hank are literally endless.

KrugerEDC hanks are special. We scout the world to find special and meaningful textiles and patterns. We establish licencing agreements with artists and therefore can offer unique motifs, specially printed for us.

Usually our hanks are only produced in small batches of 4-6 copies of each motif. This is to make them special and limited. If you get your hold on one, consider yourself lucky and use it with pride!

The hanks are pictured with a back chosen by us, and this is the default design you will get if you don't tell us otherwise. The back textile and pattern can usually be chosen among the textiles we have in stock, so if you have a special request and want a back which you have seen used for another of the hanks pictured, just let us know and we will make it accordingly.


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