The Wolfcross paracord bracelet

The Wolfcross paracord bracelet

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The Wolfcross is a Viking talisman of strength and protection from Iceland from the time when the christian influence reached the North. It is a symbol of the amalgamation of the new and old religions. Keep it on your wrist to keep you safe and powerful. Some historians argue that the wolf is instead a dog's head which would change the symbolism to loyalty and luck. We leave that up to you.

The Wolfcross bracelet can be done in a variety of ways and options, too many to show here. Our standard is a four strand core fishtail bracelet, tightly woven and decorated with our special logo bead with either a pewter or brass original Wolfcross. Our Wolfcross is a perfect replica of the Icelandic original.

Please note any specific requests in the comment box at checkout. It can be snakeknot or fishbelly weaves, centerstitch decoration or two colored bracelets.

We hope you love this true original and historically important bracelet as much as we do.

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