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KRUGER Portable Pro Paracord jig

KRUGER Portable Pro Paracord jig

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If you do paracording projects yourself you know how important it is to have a good jig.  A jig needs to be versatile so that you can attach different shackles and closures to it. At the same time you want it portable si you can travel with it; high enough so your fingers can move under the cord; easily adjustable size etc. It’s not easy to find all of these criteria fulfilled in one model. That’s why we decided to develop our own. There’s nothing you can’t attach to this tool. Essential for any paracorder. 

  • Aluminium construction with two movable ends for adjusting size
  • Padding underneath to protect tables and benches. 
  • Rulers for centimeters and inches
  • Versatile design which allows for attaching shackles, clasps, hooks and buckles
  • High attachment points to give large space underneath bracelet for easy weaving
  • 15 inch or 40 cm ruler length. Expandable with additional sets.