Kruger EveryDay Carry started as a brand of bags. After Sweden, Nicaragua and Belize, we moved to Africa and decided to carry with us a stock of old, but unused windsurfing sails that Mathias' parents had left behind after running windsurfing schools in Sweden in the 70s. It was good material, and we thought we could do something nice with them. We are a traveling couple, and never being satisfied with the functionality and design of bags we bought, we decided to design our own in Ethiopia where both leather and production were cheap. The idea was to combine leather with sailcloth. The brand 'TRAVELBAN' was born, inspired by the difficult places we traveled to in the line of our work as diplomats, such as South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and other.

During a trip to Guatemala, we first encountered paracord at a camping shop, and we started to decorate the bags' handles and zippers with the material. Learning the versatility of paracord, the step was short to learning how to do bracelets and other products. The inspiration came from internet and the great names of J.D. Lenzen, Stormdrane and The Paracordist. The 'every day carry' was natural to us, both of us being slightly obsessed by the quality and usefulness of things we carry with us, preferably quite small, but well designed things.

We started putting our work out at Instagram and Facebook and our followers grew, and soon we were selling our handmade, or designed pieces to friends and family. When we published some of our StarWars-themed keychain buddies, quite a few followers urged us to 'take it to the next level'. There was obviously a market for our concept, and we expanded into other EDC-tools like multitools, survival-kits, tactical pens and folding knives - things that are easy to pack and useful when you travel, hike or camp, since outdoors is our second name.

We changed the name of our company to KRUGER, but kept Travelban as a name for some of our products.

After eight years in Kenya and a two year period in Sweden, we relocated to Guatemala in late 2020 , but move between here and our home countries of Sweden, and Nicaragua and continue our business wherever we go. We try to stay true to our original idea - that not one of our products would be exactly alike another, to make them unique and special. We think the things you pack in your daypack or camping trunk should be fun, look nice, be useful and be special. We hope you love our products as much as we do!

Carry on,

Mathias and Karen Kruger
Founders of Kruger Everyday Carry