ALIGNMENT - Chakra balancing bracelet
ALIGNMENT - Chakra balancing bracelet
ALIGNMENT - Chakra balancing bracelet

ALIGNMENT - Chakra balancing bracelet

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Chakra Balancing Crystal bracelet: The seven chakras are the "hot spots" of the energy in our body. Energy passes through the chakras to your etheric energy field or aura and onto the outside world, and back again to your body. This energy exchange is what gives you that psychic sense of your surroundings, while the flow of this energy is directly affected by your thoughts, emotions, health, and state of mind. From little stresses, minor illnesses, and leading the fast-paced lifestyles we do today, our chakras need to be realigned to eliminate disease of the mind, body and spirit. Realignment and opening of closed chakras are often done through crystals. This Chakra bracelet carries seven crystals and minerals selected for their specific properties to harmonize with each of your body’s chakras. The crystals are mounted in two identical series on both sides of the center handmade bead depicting either koi fish for calm or the Saint Benedict emblem for protection. The stones and correlating chakra (in order from outside towards the center bead) are:

Root chakra - black obsidian

Sacral chakra - carnelian

Solar plexus - golden tiger eye

Heart charca - rose quartz

Throat charca - aventurine

Third eye chakra - sodalite

Crown chakra - amethyst

Please note that the health benefits mentioned above are not scientifically proven.

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