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More Original brass button beads

More Original brass button beads

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For a short time we sell a limited quantity of new beads. Production quantities range from 10-20 of each design. The model is a round or squared button bead with etched symbols on both sides. All made by hand, oxidized and polished for highlight. The button has two holes for 550 cord and a ‘valley’ around it, making it perfect to use both as bead or closure. 

In stock now are:

-Ægishjálmur (Helm of terror) viking rune bead

-Pathfinder (vegvisir/veivisir) viking rune bead

-Biohazard bead

-Punisher bead

-Aztec bird bead (power, strength, courage)

-Aztec flower bead

-Aztec trickster monkey (Ozomatli) bead

-Game of Thrones Stark emblem

-Game of Thrones Targaryen emblem